P18M. Drew McKinney,  Author/Lecturer
After a career in the technology industry Drew has turned his attention to creating fictional stories embedded in the ancient history of biblical mystery. His stories are unique, entertaining and packed with history.
Drew is also a inspirational speaker and lecturer. He speaks to adult groups as well as youth gatherings on a fairly narrow list of inspirational and religious topics.  Topics range from personal experience to biblical items. Drew is also a master storyteller and has been known to offer presentations in vintage costume on 1st century biblical topics.




He has traveled the Holy Land doing research for writing projects and gathering material for lectures. (Please see photos under menu item Emmaus, Tour of Israel.)
Extensive research reviles that many facts and stories have been altered as they were passed down through antiquity and the middle centuries.  The author works hard to keep the historical facts in his stories as accurate as possible according to 1st Century antiquities.




In addition to being an ordained chaplain Dr. McKinney has served as worship leader for several large organizations. He is co-designer of a ministry program that is currently being used in the Colorado Department of Correction youth offender facilities.  The program has been active for over fifteen years. He has served as chaplain and music coordinator on numerous occasions.
More recently he is working to develop central practices for a new non-profit organization called UHRCares. The organization will serve the surrounding community shelters, help centers and children hospitals. 




Drew was born and raised in the deep south, Louisiana. After marrying Vickie, they moved to Texas, added two boys, and a Carin terrier named Rudolf to their family.  Eventually they moved to Colorado Springs and this is where they have resided for the last 30 years.








Dr. McKinney received his BBS in Biblical Study’s from a small seminary in Stanly, North Carolina. After graduation he transferred to the university’s Manassas, Virginia campus where he completed his Master’s in Theology. After several years of post graduate study he was accepted into the University’s doctorial program where he was awarded his Doctorate in Theology.





Dr. McKinney provides lecturers on historical and Middle Eastern topics to groups and organizations when his schedule permits.  (Please email for a list of topics.)
If your organization is in need of an inspirational speaker Drew is available when his schedule permits. (Please email your request or call.)     or  719-291-7202




Israel 1 011If you have never visited the land of Israel please consider making the trip. Your life and heart will be blessed by this wonderful and historic land. Please see the website menu items Emmaus and Library for insights and essay’s regarding interesting topics for your consideration. The above picture to the right is sunrise on the Galilee and the picture to the left is the West Gate to the village of Capernaum, Jesus ministry hometown.


M. Drew McKinney, DTH